Author : Hysen S.Dizdari



The book contains all the stamps emitted by the Albanian Post in the field of archeology from 1913 to 2018 and is divided into three periods that coincide with historical periods.

The first part is dedicated to the years 1913-1944,

The second part is dedicated to the years 1945-1990,

The third part is dedicated to the years 1991-2018,


The book-album is a nice tourist guide and is intended:

To serve tourist agencies to recognize and advertise for foreign tourists the archaeological, tourist and economic values of our country;

To serve the state tourism agencies to acquaint foreign visitors with our archaeological and tourist values, which serves to have a cultural tourism all throughout the year;

Serve tourists to increase their interest in knowing and visiting these archaeological places;

To serve the researchers, historians, archaeologists as a source of quotation in their research work, for the recognition and for the in-depth study of our archaeological and philatelic works.

To serve Albanian and foreign collectors to increase the interest in collecting Albanian stamps on Albanian archeology;

Serving 9-year, middle and high school teachers and students to get to know the new generation and to learn better about our archaeological parks and the works discovered in these parks.



  • Format: 17×24 cm
  • Pages: 112 in color
  • Languages: Albanian-English
  • ISBN 97899284503-0-2
  • Price: 2000 Lek/15 Euro
  • Publishing House , ,Tiranë, 2019
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